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Shockingly effective. I came in for Post Concussion Syndrome. After Nobuko's counterstrain therapy, memory symptoms I had for 10 years began to improve! And I noticed a difference just a couple days after the first treatment, after recovering. I strongly recommend giving it a try. Nobuko's style is gentle and communicative. 

                                                                                                                           ~ E.M.

I've got a severe case of hypermobile EDS and highly recommend Nobuko as part of your care team. The other body work I'm doing would not be as effective without Fascial Counterstrain; I'm so grateful. I always feel like a million bucks after a fascial counterstrain session with Nobuko: very thorough and caring, I feel the trust and confidence I need to relax and move my painful body into release. Nobuko always asks good questions and together we communicate about the subtle yet powerful sensations happening.

                                                                                                                   ~ Natalie G.

I was in a car accident 6 years ago, and ended up with a lot of titanium in my arms and legs. My trauma surgeon gave up on me after two years saying, "I don't know why you're still having pain." And the answer was because I hadn't had this treatment. Nobuko is amazing. It took many sessions because there was a ton of damage all over my body, but eventually I could tell we were working on older damage predating the accident by 30 years. (That was from a karate injury that never healed properly.) She fixed it all. She gave me my body back. I will always be grateful for the work she has done

                                                                                                  ~ Katie E., Researcher

I went in initially for jaw work & craniosacral and she introduced me to the fascinating world of Fascia (the complex web of connective tissue that covers everything in our body and tightens with stress and trauma) And the highly effective method for unravelling the fascia : Counterstrain. As someone who deals with a lot of stiffness & pain issues; I was amazed that old patterns, tension, & tightness could be unraveled without pain and in a very nonthreatening way to the body.  Not once did I tighten up or feel as tho it's too much. It's a very gentle method that works with the body and hydrates the fascia. There are not many folks in the Bay Area that do this type of work.  Nobuko is a compassionate and gifted bodyworker!

                                                                                                                     ~ Sarah A.

I have received bodywork from Nobuko over the years. Her awareness of the body is excellent, and she is continually expanding her healing modalities. The counterstrain technique is totally unique and feels great! I also received Craniosacral work from Nobuko when I didn't think I needed it. I was wanting a traditional massage, something familiar to relax me. I had craniosacral years ago, and remembered it as something that left me wanting for more touch. I can't say if I changed or if Nobuko was just way better than the work I had years ago, but WOW! The experience was transformative. It's hard to put to words the sensations: floating, filled with air, melting, coming home. It was definitely relaxing. I highly recommend Nobuko for her skilled and professional body therapies.

                                                     Kim Cardoso, Midwife / Nurse Practitioner / Artist

Nobuko has magic healing hands. I kid you not! I went to see her several weeks ago to help with constant migraines and issues with my hip. In the time we have worked together my migraines have all but disappeared and my hip is no longer in chronic pain. Nobuko has a gentle but confident touch which I trust implicitly. I feel that this trust is what has helped my body heal. I highly recommend Nobuko's work!

                                              ~ Dobee Snowber / Artist / Home Remodeling Services

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